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Discover why so many clients have chosen Sonia Chaisson as their personal injury attorney or civil litigator. As the head of The Law Firm of Sonia Chaisson, she offers the experience and knowledge needed to secure the settlement that you deserve, no matter what legal situation you are facing.

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Sonia Chaisson is a woman who can see the pain that is caused when a person is injured by someone else's negligence or when they are wrongfully accused of a crime. At The Law Firm of Sonia Chaisson, she fights for the justice that you are entitled to. She stands up for men and women who lack the means to fight for themselves. This is her mission, both in the courtroom and when she is lobbying for bills that protect the general public from big banks, insurance firms, and other greedy corporations. No matter how wealthy the opponent, no matter how difficult the legal battle, Sonia Chaisson is here to work on your behalf as hard as she can to achieve a result in your favor. Contact her to schedule an appointment to discuss your case.

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